More About Me

Mac Chinsomboon, BS, MBA, JD, $300M+ in Lifetime Sales, ranked Top Agent by Boston Magazine every year

Business Philosophy

I take a comprehensive approach to servicing my clients, by fully understanding the importance of finding the right property that best fits my clients' lifestyle, family, current and future goals. Having the mindset of an investor myself, helps me understand the viewpoint of my clients. I'm a former technology management consultant and investment banker, having worked all over the US, parts of Asia, and Europe. You'll often find me listening to NPR or watching CNN & CNBC for business/financial news. I have degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Concord Law School, and U.Colorado.

HOW DOES ALL THAT RELATE TO HELPING YOU FIND A HOME? My Engineering background helps me understand the underpinnings of how things (inside/outside a home/building) works - my financial background helps traverse the complex world of real estate finance (do you know the difference between non-/warrantable condos? you will need to if you plan to purchase a condo - I can explain it) - my legal background can help you avoid some painful and expensive mistakes. I've closed over 300+ purchase and sale transactions over the past several years - everything from the lows, to the peaks of the market, and the rebound that we're currently in. This means that I've experienced just about every issue that one could ever expect in a transaction - and how to head it off before it becomes a real or bigger issue. Of course, as with Life, issues will "evolve", and my goals are to try to discover them a best and early as possible, to protect both my buyers and sellers - don't get me wrong, there will still be bumps along the road, but my goal is mitigate and minimize them for you.

Of course, before I get my clients into a transaction - it must first be negotiated. Those same 300+ transactions - many with unique solutions. The definition of a "good deal" will mean different things to different people - it could mean the best price, or beating out the competition, or just the "right fit".

Education and Training

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan, MBA - Finance
  • University of Colorado - BS Electrical Engineering
  • Concord Law School, Juris Doctor
  • Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers License
  • National Association of Realtors
  • Massachusetts Association of Realtors
  • Greater Boston Association of Realtors
  • MIT Alumni Club of Boston

Areas of Expertise

  • MIT-Trained Negotiator
  • MIT-Trained Financial And Investment Expertise
  • Engineering Expertise
  • High Level Strategic Analysis

SOME COMMON QUESTIONS I GET OFTEN AND MY ANSWERS. The way I answer them will give you an idea of how I operate.


A: Different people like living in different areas. It comes down to your personality and likes/dislikes. I have clients that swear by their areas and wouldn't consider any other. I suggest you pick a neighborhood, find a coffee shop, and sit there watching people come and go - those people will be your neighbors if you lived there - can you see yourself enjoying the interaction and feeling at home? Do that for a variety of neighborhood that you can afford to live in. Consider distance to transportation, need for parking convenience, distance to work, friends, etc. Some clients need to be close to a subway stop and can give up parking, whereas others need specific subway lines, and others want proximity to the financial district, or will pay for a water view but give up space for it, etc. There is no one "goto" because everyone situation is different.



English, Thai